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Renovate Retreat 2022!


Last year S.O.S hosted its first ever outreach team to Rosarito/Tijuanna, Mexico for a 4 day experience where we partnered with the Holy Spirit to not only build a home, but make a lasting impact in the lives of a beautiful young family. What comes with that is also an experience of the Holy Trinity that cannot be put into words. The partnering with the Spirit to do the will of God while at the same time being transformed and brought deeper, wider, and longer into the Love of God in our own walk. 

This year, we've decided that this would be the focal point of our ministry, making it the foundation of what R.E.F Con 2022 will be. Renovate Retreat will be the site on which our R.E.F Con 2022 messages will be filmed to share. This year we are not meeting in the coziness of modern day church buildings, but stepping into the busy streets in the Barrios of Tijuanna and Rosarito Mexico to partner with Jesus for real, intimate, and deep renovation. 

Building a Home is one of the purest illustrations of the Gospel of Jesus, and we will lean into that illustration as we hear dynamic speakers, gather in intimate prayer, and physically build a home and do street ministry. 

I promise you, this has everything to do with Refereeing, being a sport minister, and being a disciple of "The Way" of Jesus. IT all goes together. We are more then the stripes we where, we are more then the past wants us to believe, and we are more then the chaos and division we see. This trip will dramatically renovate how you particpate in what you do. 

So, of course if you are a referee you need to be there. IF you have any vested interest in the lives of referees, athletes and coaches you need to be there. IF God has been nudging you to renovate something in your life, well partner with some Referees, some Sport Officials Surrendered, and come join us, and see what we are all about. Let this be a building of a bridge to a new direction for your walk in "The Way"!

*This is a great chance for families to do a trip together*

**Never let your financial situation dictate your interest and faith about coming on this trip! IF you have concerns reach out!**

Tenative Schedule of Trip:

August 10th- Wednesday: Arrive and Meet in San Diego and Drive Across the Border (Pre-Build Session and Session 1)

August 11th- Day of Building (Session 2)

August 12th- Possible Build Day - Ministry Event (Session 3&4)- Baja Dinner

August 13th- Ministry Event (Session 5 and Team Debrief Dinner (Depatures are possible but please plan for after 7pm)

August 14th - Depart San Diego with a renovated and renewed heart!


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