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S.O.S Events and Happenings

In our inaugural year of T.C Peacemakers Prayer BBQ we seek to make our first step into impacting our local Triune Competition setting. S.O.S is hosting a BBQ for all H.S Student Athletes, Coaches/Athletic Admin, and Sport Officials from all over Thurston County for a time of prayer, food, and games and give aways. Come represent your school, your sport, your team, and your role in God's Triune Competition vision!

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We believe that body of Christ represented in all types of worship communities makes up the biggest resource the entire world has. For us, that means a whole community that would make amazing Sport Officials! Join us as we are tapping into the Church Body for new referees to help end the growing shortage. 


Join a growing community of referees from all over the Nation for a night of bible study. Hosted by S.O.S family, Nate & Jessica Harris, MND is a great place for fellowship! 

Contact Nate or Jessica Harris for zoom link info!


Our cornerstone event that seeks to bring the S.O.S family together for spiritual growth and fellowship! Join us as we gather across the Nation and digitally to fellowship and step deeper into relationship with God and each other! These weekends are something that change lives and impact individuals forever!


Join us on one of our family trips to Baja California, Mexico for a retreat style mission trip where we pair growing our faith with serving and stepping out of our comfort zones. Our Baja Trips create space off the floor/field to grow relationships with people representing sports in many ways- seeking too cumulatively represent and grow in "The Way" of Jesus. 

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