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The Great Recruitment geared by Honig's


Sport Officials Surrendered (S.O.S.) is very pleased and excited to a partnership with Honig’s on an exciting new initiative, The Great Recruitment campaign.

The mission of The Great Recruitment geared by Honig’s, which was pre-launched at REF Conference 2019, is for S.O.S. and active sport officials to serve as facilitators and support for prospective new sport officiating recruits.

Individuals “representatives” who sign up via the S.O.S. website will receive a flyer and a ‘letter to the church’. Each representative will fill out these documents with their own contact info, and present them to their local church to display. This will allow prospective recruits to contact the representative at their church who can then assist the them in finding the right local officiating assignor or association. Representatives are encouraged to follow up with new recruits to provide mentorship, which is extremely important for all officials.

Honig’s, the exclusive partner of The Great Recruitment, has been an industry leader nationwide for more than 30 years as an official’s outfitter across all sports, providing top quality equipment, gear and apparel. Officials from every level from youth to the professional ranks sport Honig’s products.

Representatives as well as new recruits will receive a discount code that can be applied towards any future online Honig’s purchase.

Sport officiating is currently facing critical staffing shortages across the industry. The Great Recruitment is one way for current sport officials to put their faith into action, to encourage new officials, and be an agent of positive change within their sphere of influence.

Dan DiFolco, co-founder of S.O.S. offered the following remarks.

“The Bible tells us that we are the salt of the Earth, the light of the world, and we are to go out and make disciples. While this is the greatest honor we could ever imagine, it comes with great responsibility,” DiFolco said. “As sport officials, we believe this responsibility requires us to take action to address the issues in that our industry faces, and one of the greatest issues is the national shortage of officials,” he said.

DiFolco also added:

“We are blessed and humbled that Honig’s has partnered with S.O.S. to help officials apply Jesus’ Great Commission to do our part to alleviate the officiating shortage. Christ-following sport officials, we have a duty to be the vessels for God to impact our unique mission field of officiating,”

Honig's owner and veteran NFL official Greg Wilson offered the following comments.

"Honig's is excited to join The Great Recruitment to find new officials through faith as we do our part to address the massive shortage of officials across the sporting landscape. Honig's is proud to partner up with Sport Officials Surrendered, as we believe that there is so much to learn through bringing God into this platform."

The Great Recruitment Campaign is underway now. Learn more at or email


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