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S.O.S. Partners with Baja Christian Ministries for 2021 Missions Trip

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Sport Officials Surrendered (S.O.S) is very pleased to announce a partnership with Baja Christian Ministries (B.C.M.), including the announcement of plans for an upcoming missions trip.

S.O.S. will be sending a team to Baja California, Mexico to join with the B.C.M. team for five days of serving through building projects, and participation in discipleship ministry and community evangelism. The trip will take place May 5-9, 2021. Sport officials and your spouses are welcome. Children aged 14 and older are welcome to accompany their parents.

B.C.M. is a multi-faceted outreach ministry with a mission to serve the spiritual and physical needs of the poor through the engagement of short-term mission teams in Baja California, Mexico. Physical needs of those living in inadequate housing conditions are met through their ‘Casa de Dios’ (House of God) house-building program, and their ‘One Million Disciples’ discipleship program meets the spiritual needs and builds strong faith foundations for those in the Baja peninsula.

A goal of B.C.M. is to evangelize and disciple one million souls and build 10,000 homes, church buildings and other projects. They are also seeking prayer support.

“This project has been in the works for the past three years and we are so excited to finally send a team of sport officials to serve alongside of Baja Christian Ministries, who are serving and impacting the Baja peninsula so greatly,” said S.O.S. co-founder Dan DiFolco. “There is a great harvest of souls waiting and we are so grateful to have this special opportunity to join with B.C.M. to go serve and help reap that harvest,” he said.

For more information, please contact Spaces are limited, so you are encouraged to reach out immediately if you have interest.

Further information will also be provided during Referees Embracing Faith Conference 2020 on August 15 on S.O.S. YouTube and Facebook platforms.

To learn more about Baja Christian Ministries, please visit

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