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REF Con 2021:”The Amazing Race”- Doug Sirmons and Jim Groshong

In 2019 at our REF Conference in Cincinnati our friend J.D Collins said to me “You need to get Doug Sirmons up on that stage- God’s got His heart.” Little did I know that Doug was in the midst of an amazing transformation and an extremely intimate journey with Jesus.

2 years later and of course in perfect timing Doug, joined by his good friends Jim “QT” Groshong and Darron George, got on that stage. And what happened next was a time of extraordinary courage and an intimate testimony of Gods miraculous power!

What you’ll hear in this message will radiate with every living soul that gives time and respect to hear it. It’s no cliche’ testimony, it’s tremendously real and it took 50 years to build. This is imperative to understand for all of us, as we truly grasp that this “Amazing Race” doesnt operate on our timing. What an honor it was, and from someone who has reached the pinnacle of the referee sphere- you’ll hear what absolutely matters the most.

Doug is undoubtedly one of the best referees there is, but behind him is a support system that sets him apart. He highlights the importance of those we surround ourselves with! His story is about being loved, learning to forgive and understanding who has never left Him alone. It is also a story that reveals the power of a spouse, and a group of friends who never give up! It’s a story for everyone!

You see him on the big games, now see his heart and what is truly his focus. God will absolutely blow you away!

We deeply and lovingly thank Doug and Jim for allowing us into their hearts and souls! For being vulnerable and sharing such an amazing story!

Peace Be With You. Dan DiFolco & Your SOS Family


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