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Looking Ahead 2022!!

Olympia, Washington. February 7th, 2022—— Sport Officials Surrendered has released its vision of 2022’ to its subscribers and has now released it for website release! The following is what S.O.S is gearing up for in 2022!


There is a story I honesty believe illustrates a moment or moments that occur in almost every journey walking in the Way of Jesus. A story of a man in the cave on the run feeling alone, feeling afraid, confused about what he/she should do. Only to hear a whisper of hope that there are thousands left, walking the same journey (Read 1 Kings 19 if not familiar). This is the beginning story of S.O.S. For many who aren’t to familiar with it, this began after a season in which my whole world was dipped upside down, shaken and stirred poured out finally on the altar in complete surrender. Yet, I was so afraid that I was alone. It was a whisper that led to the “Yes” to just begin creating a platform. A “Yes” that led to God revealing His promise that there were thousands alike. The beginning of S.O.S was a complete answer to a prayer and a leading to a journey that I hoped others would join me on. A journey of a life as a Sport Official Surrendered. You see S.O.S was never meant to be the determining voice of what that looks like for all Sport Officials Surrendered to Christ, instead it is an invitation to not be alone. A reminder that you are not alone. The heart of S.O.S is the same heart each of you walking the journey have, walk in wholehearted Faith the best we can with what we got. It was always supposed to be a little different- I mean sport officials are a little different anyway. While many I am sure felt like S.O.S should mirror the major sport ministries of our time, i want to let you know that’s not the goal. The goal is to awaken in each Sport Official Surrendered the passion and inspiration of a life of purpose right where you were first called. Some have the privilege of working as a full time official whether in the Pro’s or major D1 schedules. Some work as an official all year around in multiple sports. A majority however do this completely on the side as a hobby, a passion, or just as a side hustle. I’m sure most of you can figure out, S.O.S to this point has mirrored the rhythms of my own life. A life full of becoming a new dad, one more coming in April, a carpenter full time, a referee, a dual graduate student, and working with my wife in ministry here locally in Olympia Washington. S.O.S is a reminder for me that when I get to put the shirt on, and when I get to cultivate this craft, it’s an opportunity to experience something God is using to grow me, speak to me, and bless me. It’s opportunity to participate with God in a different way then all the other stuff. It’s a reminder to me, that while refereeing isn’t my whole life, it’s a part of who God made me to be. That’s our hope for you. That S.O.S would not be something you join but that S.O.S is a reminder of who God designed you to be. Maybe it’s full time referee, maybe it’s just part time at the local rec league for extra cash and to help out. Whatever it is, S.O.S isn’t something you join, it’s the lifestyle in which you entered into when you picked up your ref shirt and since you began your faith journey in the Way! This year we are going back to the basics. This year we are committed to being local, being present. Growing relationships in the communities and circles we, meaning you, are currently in. It’s about being right where you are. Christ present in you, you present right where you are. Where you were first called. This looks so different for each of us and that’s what makes us excited. S.O.S is not going to be a ministry that dictates what you ought to do- a one size fits all ministry. Instead as we have always meant it- we will just continue to create opportunities to participate with us and alongside us. We also hope to continue to be a connector into opportunities we don’t create by sharing those available through partners and other Sport Officials who are Surrendered. Opportunities in which don’t designate your belonging to the S.O.S family because that’s not our right to decide. ———————————————— Opportunities Created in 2021 By S.O.S or Others in the Spirit of being a Sport Official Surrendered MND Devotionals - Nate and Jessica Harris REF Con Philippines 2021- Jho Naoe Ref Con 2021 “The Amazing Race- Team SOS Blow the Whistle on Human Trafficking Night 2021- Team SOS First Annual Baja Outreach Trip 2021- Team SOS **Theres unlimited opportunity to make an impact in your personal center of influence as a Sport Official Surrendered! Make this year the year you do that “thing” you’ve always felt called to do!** —————————————————- Even more so, I want to stress this very point: S.O.S not to be an exclusive organization to those who fit a certain mold and hold to a certain dogma of beliefs. It’s a joint lifestyle all who have decided to follow in the Way while also being a referee or umpire at the same time has agreed to. It’s your platform to. And so this year we are stressing the invitation for collaboration. One that invites those who like to write or create content or share their faith, to do so on our platforms. We invite you, because only you, have a story/skill/talent or other way to share the good news of the gospel. To create an opportunity for God to draw others out into deeper relationship. To help strengthen/renew fellow brothers and sisters in stripes as we walk through our seasons. —————————————— We need you! S.O.S is always accepting:

  • Surrender Stories

  • Daily Devotionals

  • Content Creators

  • New Partnerships

*Don’t hesitate to share that devotional you wrote out in your journal, or share that image that you created that reminded you of Gods goodness, or just share your testimony that has deeply changed your perception and interaction with Officiating* ——————————————- While 2022 is already well underway I (Dan DiFolco) have been extremely eager to put all this into words to share with you all. In 2021 you all blew my mind as God revealed to me so many incredible and faithful stewards of Gods skills and passions. 2021 truly blessed my soul with the incredible reminder that small seeds plant big trees with lots of fruit. This year will look different, but it’s because I believe God is asking us to encourage you right where you are to take big steps of faith. These “Covid” years have reminded all of us, the importance of community, and we want to solidify that for all of our S.O.S family in their immediate local areas. Building and sharing our faith with those immediately around us, and who we engage with more consistently. Thus our plan this year is to bring the R.E.F Con experience right to you every other year and that means 2022 (Stay Tuned For Exciting Announcements)! But that also means we are re-shaping our opportunity for our nation wide family to come together in the form of a retreat style outreach trip that brings us all out of boxes and into new levels of depth for our family relationship. Packed with service, fellowship, and breakouts from awesome presenters along with various worship opportunities this trip will fuel our R.E.F Con 2022! ——————————————— We are so excited to announce Renovate Weekend 2022! When: August 10-13th, 2022 What: a Four Day immersive retreat style outreach trip, formed around service, fellowship and building intimate relationships outside of officiating. Who: Referees and Those with vested interest in referees! Where: Rosarito/Tijuana, Mexico ——————————————— While I invite you to stay tuned as the details finalize for 2022, I also ask for your prayers as we prepare for such a vision. A vision that sees a great group of referees and those with vested interest in sport ministry and faith from all across the nation. God continues to unlock and move us into such amazing opportunities where He meets us in so many wild ways. Anyways, 2022 is a year of being local, being committed and present to where you were and are called to. It looks different for all of us, but that’s what you were made for. So we start 2022 praying over the hundreds of you who connect with S.O.S and pass along our great expectance that God will absolutely blow your mind this year! You are loved and always have a fan and friend in us and of course, Jesus - Emmanuel! Please respond to us if you want to join us on this limited trip in August 2022 as we are now reserving spots. Please let us know if we can be praying for you, and of course stay healthy: physically, mentally and SPIRITUALLY! With Love and Grace from Our Lord Jesus the Christ, Dan and Alicia DiFolco & Team SOS

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