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2020 Vision: Joshua Koch - ‘Letter to Officials’

In our first look back at 2020, we start with a reminder from our great friend Joshua Koch who shared his heart not just for refereeing but for you, his fellow brothers and sisters.

In this look back we invite you to rejoice in not what the year took from you, but what God gave you. The fresh perspectives, the new dreams and ambitions. God simply moved some things out of your life so he could add His things to it!

May it bless you now as it did in April 2020


Sport Officials Surrendered advisor and REF Conference worship leader Joshua Koch recently led a team conference call for Court Club Elite. Court Club Elite is a basketball referee training course founded by 32-time NBA Finals referee and former NBA Director of Officials, Ed T. Rush. Court Club Elite and Rush are partners and friends of S.O.S.

The following is an excerpt of a letter that Koch wrote to the Court Club Elite team and the officiating community as a whole, that he wished to share with the S.O.S. community as well.

Legacy is everything to me. I was taught very early in my career by (NBA referee) Joey Crawford that we are doing a disservice to our game if we are not pulling people up the ladder with us. For those who listen to the Crown Refs Podcast hosted by Paul Diasparra and listened to the Mark Wunderlich interview, I ask you to consider: What is your Wunderlich story?

This is a perfect opportunity, with the time and technology available, to grow the officiating family. This is not a recruiting pitch. This is a 'growth as a whole' plea from the crop of officials that we need to be harvesting. I am speaking in much larger terms than basketball here.

Do you love the game of basketball and our craft more than you love your own career? What if the level you are working currently is the highest you will ever climb?

I never felt freedom in this business until I released human-made decisions as out of my control.

In our area we are seeing veteran officials, who have been adverse to film study in the past, turn into eager students. Pat Fraher always challenges me with this phrase:you do not need the NBA logo on your chest to impact people’s lives.”

We just need opportunity.

This is our opportunity.

We all got into officiating for various reasons. I am confident that one of the common reasons is we all take pride in being stewards of the game. People are looking to us during this historic time to see how we react.

I love how Ed & Rob continue to express how we can use this time to become better people and better referees. We as humans were not designed to walk or run backwards. It is why our feet face forward.

With that being said, I beg you to slow down and put everything into perspective. We as officials (CCE family especially) are very goal oriented. However, the majority of us over estimate what we can accomplish in a year and grossly underestimate what we can accomplish in two or three decades.

We have been given the gift of perspective.

Utilize the snapshots that are coming into perspective: faith, connection with family and friends, life as a whole, and time management.

Just like in film review, check your positioning in life, look where your eyes are, and move to improve.

I love each and every one of you.

Thank you for your trust, friendship, and ear.

Joshua Koch

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